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Paper Bags = Kid Activity = Art Project = Gift Wrapping Paper

When a gift needs to be wrapped let your child make the paper. It's a wonderful and creative activity. Cut open a paper bag and decorate the inside. As we are a strict "No Bag Please" family, I buy a roll of plain recycled paper. The gift wrap is often more appreciated than the gift!

Choose just a few art supplies to use. Giving the child to many choices often leaves a big mess for you and the wrapping paper too! Gift Wrap Always use up the art supplies you have before buying more. Paint, crayons, magic markers, stickers etc. all work well. Make do with whatever you have. It is part of the creative process. Reuse, Recycle ribbons from past gifts.
Gift Wrap
gift wrap homemade Gift Wrap
  Save On A Card! Sign directly onto the gift and say it the way you mean it. Signing Present